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Calling all Diana Gabaldon fans!

Calling all Diana Gabaldon fans!

Do you want to be a Diana Gabaldon ambassador? Just fill out the form below, and you could receive 10 copies of OUTLANDER* to pass along to friends, family and anyone who should be reading the OUTLANDER series!

Winners will be chosen at random.

* while supplies last

82 Responses to “Calling all Diana Gabaldon fans!”

  1. Beth says:

    For the past 12 years, that’s when I discovered the books, I have been giving out copies of the first book out, knowing that the rest would be sought out by the recipient themselves. I would love to have more opportunities to introduce more people to this talented author. Her work has led to an amazing place, The Ladies of Lallybroch where all of us can share our love of the books and their author who so graciously shares herself and her talent. Since a couple of years ago I had run out of people I knew to give the books to so I started talking to strangers in the book isle in stores I frequent. The result is some new friends to add to my world.

  2. A friend introduced to the outlander novel, I in turn have read all the books inccluding the Lord John series. I keep passing the love on to new readers

  3. Kara says:

    I recommend Diana’s books All. The. Time!!! I only wish I could give out her books like I do my recommendation! LOL! Fabulous idea for promoting the best book series of all time.


  4. Kama says:

    If you could see how ragged my Outlander books are from all the lending I have done with them, you would surely let me have more to share! I have read and re-read them many times. I just get them put back on the shelf when I think of another person to share them with. Then when they give them back, I have to read them again! I got my daughter hooked many years ago and she has her own set that she also loans out. For the birth of her daughter, I gave her The Exile and she was so happy. Who else would give a graphic novel as a baby congrats gift but me??!!!

  5. Connie Joyce says:

    The Outlander series is the perfect example of great historical fiction. I have read them all twice and listened to the audio versions on my ipod. I love turning people onto them.

  6. Alexandra says:

    I just read Cross-Stitch (Outlander) from beginning to end in under a week. Never mind the multitude of work I had to do at home or how much housework needed doing I have spent every spare moment reading this amazing book (a very dog-eared copy passed on to me by my boss).
    I’m now 200 pages into Dragonfly In Amber and literally cannot put this book down either. I actually do not possess a varied enough vocabulary to express how much I love these book, these stories and these characters. I honestly can’t tell if I love Jamie or Claire more.
    I am already spreading the word that these books MUST be read to everyone I know who reads and loves books; and I’m doing it with the fervour of someone born-again. I have always loved reading but it is a long time since I found a book that ignited such a passion in me. Which stirred such an interest in learning more about the history covered. Which I literally could not put down.
    I need to ge through the whole series as quickly as possible, firstly to avoid combusting and secondly so I can actually get back to doing my job and living my life properly. Since I started theser books they have taken me over, if I’m not reading them I’m mulling over what I’ve read or imagining the world they are in and wondering what treats await me when I next pick it up.
    Absolutely amazing set of books!!

  7. Denise Baker says:

    I have read (and many times re-read) all the Outlander books and have lent them out (one at a time) to so many people that they are dog-eared and battered, but the word of how good they are has spread amongst my friends and family.

    I can’t wait for the next one to be published! Trouble is, once I’ve bought the new one, I know that everything else in my life will be neglected until I have finished reading it.

    Great books!

  8. Kat Brenner says:

    I was introduced to Diana’s \Outlandish Series\ by my friend and neighbor, Jeannie. I haven’t stopped reading yet and am now at the end of \Echo of the Bones\. Then it’s on the the \Lord John\ series!!! I passed my first book on to a friend and ordered one on Amazon to ship to another friend. Lat month I went to the book store to purchase 3 copies to leave in our local cancer treatment center. They have a small library! While there, I talked 2 ladies into purchasing their first Gabaldon book, \Outlander\! LOL Can’t get enough! Would LOVE some copies to pass out. One of the ladies called me and said she had just bought the next one! Once you start these books, you begin a wonderful journey and can’t stop until they end! Thank You, Diana, for sharing your fantastic talent with the world! :)

  9. Lola says:

    I would love to spread the word (even more so) of the remarkable books!!

  10. Beth says:

    I came across this series completely by accident last fall. I was taking a week off to go camping with my girls and wanted a nice juicy book to loose myself in for the week. I happened on three of the books in a thrift store and bought them, thinking I had them all. HA! Of course I was hooked, these books are no Harlequin Romance, that’s for sure! I had to restrain myself from skipping a book that I didn’t have yet just so I could keep reading. I’m now on my second trip through the series and boy am I noticing things I didn’t catch the first time. I agree that having copies to pass out would be a great way to share this adventure with friends. I’m reading the series for the second time on my Kindle and find myself using the dictionary alot!

  11. Lady Cheri says:

    I’m in!
    So excited; I hope I get it this time!

  12. Theresa Laing says:

    Read…reread…..and read again! Loaned out to others and bought for others…a slight addiction to say the least.

  13. Suzanne Tregilgas says:

    My mother got me hooked on these books years ago when a friend of hers, gave her a copy of Cross-stitch (Outlander) thinking it was about tapestry craftwork!!! Mum loved it. And all the books that have followed, so far. She thought I should read them and now I am hooked too. I would LOVE the chance to pass on this amazing book without having to let any of MY beloved copies out of my house! :~)

    • I recieved my box of Outlander copies today – THANK YOU SO MUCH – I have already started handing out copies to my friends and customers ( I have an Antiques shop in Adelaide, Australia). I expect there will be a new group of Diana’s fans around here, very soon. :~)

  14. Diane says:

    I love love love this book series. They are my favorite of all time. Perhaps Diana’s work is not so well known in my part of the country? I have yet to tell anyone about it who is familiar and has read any of them. To actually put (what is my favorite book), the first of the series in their hands, and to say “read this, you will be glad that you did” must have been a wonderful experience for those that have won the box of books and were able to pass them along.

  15. Renee says:

    My books are so tattered & worn… its a dream to replace my whole hardcover set. My drums of Autumn is completely apart from lending!

  16. Lola says:

    I desperately need more books to share with potential Outlander addicts – they’re easy to convert after the taste of the first book.

  17. Lady cheri says:

    I’m in again!

  18. Lou says:

    I’m steadily spreading Gabaldon mania to New Zealand, but I could do with some help.
    I’m sick of having months of withdrawls as my books are out on loan, or worse yet when re reading the series having to skip books as they are missing in action and have to wait for new copies to be ordered into my local bookstore.
    Also I am yet to read Songs of Love and Death, as this is not available at NZ stores and the library does not have it!
    I’m so desperate!!!

  19. Deb says:

    I’m a new comer my daughter’s (Beth and Heather) got me hooked on outlander, and I fell hook line, sinker and even poll.
    When I was halfway through Outlander I was on eBay and Amazon trying to pick up the next book, Dragonfly in Amber the only one of the series I could find at that time was Drums of Autumn.
    Asking my daughter (Beth), which book in the series that was she told me it was the fourth.
    I slumped and she said not to worry she would let me read her copy of all the books as she has all of them and doubles of a couple.
    Well, I’m slowly assembling my own collection I’m acquiring a copy of each of them and we talk all the time about the fact that we think a movie or mini series should be made of each of the books and have our list of what star should be playing what Characters.
    I have also found out that we are hardly the first persons to talk about the idea.
    I have also hooked my work mate letting her read my just copy of Outlander.
    There are several other people I know that I’m sure would enjoy the books almost as much as I do. I say almost because I may be a little over the top.
    Well that is the most of my stories.

  20. DuddonLass says:

    Just discovered the novels! FANTASTIC!!!!! Can’t do anything else but read – nearly finished Dragonfly in Amber. It’s a wonderful feeling to know I still have more volumes to go. I am, of course, in love with Jamie… Can we hope for a film soon?

  21. Cathye Graham says:

    The first time I was introduced to Outlander was by a friend who worked at our local library. I mentioned to her that when I read a
    really good book I hate when I finish the book because I want the
    story to continue with these same characters. I had not read a
    series before.
    She said she had just what I needed. She came back with the first
    three books of Outlander. I saw how thick they were and a bit
    intimidated by this. lol She told me to read the first chapter and I would be hooked. I read all three every chance I had. I feel in love
    with the storyline and the characters. I have read them all twice.
    Diana really knows how to draw you into the story, make it real almost. It is such a awesome love story, the history, and the adventures that sometimes keep you on the edge of your seat.
    Can’t wait until the next book !!!

  22. Jenny says:

    I discovered these amazing books a couple of years ago and am absolutely hooked, and am nearly through reading them for the second time as there is so much that one misses in the first reading. The books contain amazing details of the history of the time as well as botanical and medical information, which I found fascinating. I would love to be able to give my friends a copy to start their own collections

  23. Sharon says:

    Over the years I have repurchased a number of copies of Cross Stitch as the continual passing them on has rendered them dog-eared, bath soaked and generally falling to pieces! I’d rather re-stock in the knowledge that the magic is being shared. Interesting how so many of my friends begin their outlander journey because of recommendation, claiming the genre not their usual style. After the first introduction they have all been hooked of course. Impossible not to be, I’m sure we’d all agree. Jamie is every woman’s fantasy, one way or another, and each character able to invoke love or hatred. Also, the novels contain so much in the way of history they are impossible to put down! Still, after all these years, we fans are hanging out for the next installment!

  24. Laura says:

    I just received my books! I’m so excited to share Outlander with others. Can’t wait to tell people about my favorite author. I’m going on vacation next week and I’ll bring the books with me and tell anyone who will listen to me about the books and offer them a copy. Thank you, Diana, for the wonderful story of Jamie and Claire.

  25. Sherri Sharpe says:

    I discovered the Outlander books about 10 years ago and have become obsessed with them. I have shared my obsession and now have friends caught up in the addiction of Gabaldonia. I have expanded my obsession to Lord John and all of the short stories and blogs. Enjoy is a feeble description for my feelings.

  26. Mary Falls says:

    I’ve spent 24 years as a trustee at our local library and have yet to find a book (or series) that has intrigued me the way Outlander did.
    I was hooked from 1992 and have devoured the succeeding novels as fast as they appeared, which, of course, isn’t fast enough to suit me. I’ve shared my own books to the point where they’ve begun to fall apart, so I bought new signed ones from the Poisoned Pen, adding the Exile to that pile. I also have all the Lord John books and the Martin collections. Anything I can do to spread the word that Gabaldon’s writing is a forever thing to have–and share–I will continue to do as long as she is writing!

  27. Constance V says:

    I was so surprised when I received a box of books today. At first I almost refused the package thinking I must have forgotten to send a reply card back from the book club…lol. How exciting, I can’t wait to share the copies with my friends and share this wonderful saga.

  28. I just learned of and started reading the series a week ago. Luckily, it was Outlander that caught my attention first. Not since reading Edward Rutherfurd’s Sarum and Ken Follett’s World Without End and Pillars of the Earth have I been so taken with an author’s story telling abilities. I am so looking forward to following the series. Most definitely, I am a Diana Gabaldon fan!

  29. Lys says:

    I just got a carton of them last night! I’ve given away 4 already, including one to my favorite bibliofile. You should have seen her eyes light up.

  30. Jeanie Peterson says:

    I just discovered the Outlander series less than a year ago and was hooked. After reading all of the books, I was extremely disappointed when I discovered that I had to wait for the next one to come out. Although I read a lot (pretty constantly when not working or sleeping), I have started re-reading the series, savoring every bit of them and finding things I had forgotten. I’m sure that I will read them over and over again over the years. Getting that first book free got me started and I would love to share them with friends. I have several who are also avid readers.

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